As an experienced Operator Licence holder with a demonstrated history of installing easy to manage, robust systems and having recently passed an ISO 9001:2015 lead auditor exam with a 92% (something I am enormously proud of) this high pass mark shows a keen eye for detail.

We offer both a full and part transport system audits. Ensuring the integrity of systems are not compromised and the undertakings of your or a suppliers Operators Licence remains intact and trustworthy.

Operator Licence and Transport Compliance Audit

We will review your system and highlight areas that need addressing. The process is not there to trip you up or cause you a problem, it is there to satisfy you that your way of doing things meet the necessary requirements and is 100% confidential.

We will coach you and give you the correct tools and knowledge of what is expected from you and you meets the standards of your undertakings.

Areas of the audit

  1. Operator Licence and Administration
  2. Vehicle Document Compliance
  3. Working Time Records
  4. Maintenance and Inspection Records
  5. Safety Inspection Records
  6. Driver Administration and Defect Reporting
Who is the Audit for?

There is no business too small or too big, it fits the “Restricted” Operators who do not have a transport manager and want to receive guidance and support with their operation “Standard National and International Operators also benefit from the audit. We help company directors and transport managers to ensure they have easy to use, robust systems and processes in place and are doing the right thing.

Riddens Ltd External Transport Management
Supplier Audits

Are haulage providers crucial to your business? Do you have a haulage provider in place or are you considering a new provider? Are you confident they are compliant?

Their Compliance is vital to your business, if they fail to comply with the law the chances of being caught by the authorities are extremely high. How will this impact your business? It is guaranteed to mean delays in your work being delivered causing missed deadlines, revenue lost and upset customers.

This can be avoided; how do you safeguard against this…?

We can audit and analyze your existing/potential suppliers system to ensure compliance, giving you the confidence that your business is safe with them.

Why choose RIDDENS?

We have a vast range of knowledge in the industry and understand that elements of your business are sector specific. All operations are different, but all have the same transport legislation criteria to meet. We will partner with you to assess your specific needs and work together to find the most effective solutions for your business.

We are passionate about helping transport operators ensure they are compliant whilst still running a profitable business. We offer pragmatic, realistic no-nonsense advice with total confidentiality to keep you operating, efficiently and safely.

Feedback Received

Hi Darren,

We are extremely happy with the service you have provided to B......

You have carried out your duties with professionalism and with a purpose to ensure we not only meet mandatory obligations but improve our systems as well.


The names have been deleted to keep their anonymity and protect their business; they have however allowed us to show the full review in person.